Signa S2 Soundbar Or Sony HTS350? Which One To Choose?

They seek out the very ideal sound-bar can have confusing, considering each of the different brands and technologies available now. Because of this, we have a good look at just two extremely popular soundbar-subwoofer duo devices which can be excellent candidates, for everybody looking.

Below, you may discover a thorough summary of options, their features, limitations, and capabilities. Later, we will be able to assist you to choose which option is the superior Soundbar-Subwoofer duo. Continue Reading for longer.

Which will be the Significant differences between Sony HTS350 along with Polk Audio SIGNA S2?

Sony HTS350


  • Connectivity technology
  • HDMI cable or Optical connection, Wireless

Speaker type

  • Subwoofer

Control technology

  • Remote-controlled
  • Remote-controlled, Smartphone-App controlled

Regrettably, Sony’s HTS350 is incompetent at 4K and HD-tv connectivity. It is achievable with the Polk Audio SIGNA S2 version as a result of this universal compatibility feature within this sound-bar version. In reality, Polk Audio proceed so far as to comprise all of the cables necessary to join.

Surround audio technologies

Sony uses the s force Guru to deliver an electronic surround sound effect, that really is similar to Polk Audio SIGNA S2 that is based upon the Dolby Digital decoding technology and different performance drivers to supply superior surround sound.

Sony HTS350 — Outline and Key attributes

Sony clarifies the HT-350 soundbar-subwoofer combination whilst the supreme home entertainment upgrade. Both devices are built to provide exceptional noise with easy connectivity. Have a peek at the qualities and capacities of the energetic duo.

To off the sound-bar is Sony’s 2.1 station system along with an additional wireless subwoofer. The purpose would be always to deliver optimized sound using transparent mid to high frequencies to the sound-bar as the subwoofer intends to generate low tones. As a consequence of this mixture of technologies that are outspoken, the sound is much clearer and also the voices more distinguishable.

Even the subwoofer, with the capacity of wireless connection, produces deep rich bass noises. Pairing with this version is fairly convenient: you also can plug it in your television together using all the HDMI cable or an optical connection if your television does not include HDMI. Furthermore, users may get music recordings in their mobiles onto the Sony HTS350 employing a blue tooth connection.

Employing different sound styles, you are able to improve your entertainment experience. All these modes are intended to accommodate the gaps in sound over various pursuits. For example, the gaming enthusiast style is excellent for development and gaming as the sport-mode sound induces a bunch like-sporty ambiance through the duration of the screening session.

Picture watchers will love the surround-sound technology utilizing s force PRO front Surround. For this, you personally and hauled to the core of the picture as-designed in cinemas.


  • Effortless to set up and utilize
  • Simple all-black layout
  • 7 distinct sound modes for flexibility Used
  • Lowpriced duo with caliber functionality

This soundbar-subwoofer duo delivers amazing rich noise because of the range of features and design elements. With a couple of 5 most powerful collection drivers, this Ultra slim set with universal television connectivity allows striking advancement in mind and general noise of one’s house theater.

To off the Polk Audio, SIGNA S2 was created with the top end surround noise technology which lets ED, room-filling surround noise. The Performance motorist along with Dolby Digital Decoding allows with this sound caliber.

On the exterior, the Polk Audio Signa S2 Review is a slim low-profile sound-bar with and simple to use wall mount. The slim design along with this easy connectivity permits ease in positioning. Universal compatibility with this version ensures utilization with the latest TVs: allowing users to go through the most immersive sound with high audio.

Contained, is your Voice correct technology that also to improved vocal comprehension, permits clear conversation irrespective of content. Wireless connection via the inbuilt technology permits users to engage in music from the huge array of streaming programs.


  • Universal compatibility
  • Incredible room-filling surround noise
  • Includes added connectivity wires


  • Notably overpriced to get a 2.1 station Sound-bar
  • View cost on Amazon
  • Conclusion

Of those 2 choices, the Polk Audio SIGNA S2 will be your greater soundbar-subwoofer duo in relation to this Sony HTS350. This system offers better quality audio with increased expansive connectivity choices. This duo offers as many features in the event more compared to Sony HTS350, allowing the consumer to process/manipulate the sound course as needed.

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