How to Dig a Post Hole the Fast & Easy Way

By far the most complicated job in constructing a fence is digging the openings for your posts. This can be backbreaking labor. A typical post will be 4 toes by 4 ft and 8 ft high. At the very least 1/3 of post should be below ground. The hole should be twice the diameter of the post, which needs digging a hole 2 toes strong and 1 foot about. This can be no easy job, but you can find few things to do that will make the task much easier and faster.

Step 1

Steer clear of digging in difficult rocky garden soil and soft sand garden soil. Tough rocky earth is merely challenging to shift, and soft sand garden soil will keep refilling the hole while you try to dig it. If the goal is always to look post openings easily and quickly the soil can make all the difference.

Step 2

Soak the earth with normal water. Push a hole into the soil about a foot serious using a galvanized water pipe. Then fill the hole with water. Enable the normal water bathe overnight.

Step 3

Loosen the ground using the post hole digger. Keeping the cutting blades apart cut the ground round the hole. Maneuver around the hole utilizing a revolving activity. Scoop out your loosened dirt.

Stage 4

Retain the post hole digger with both hands and thrust it in to the floor. Spread out the handles out so that the jaws can capture the garden soil. Take out the digger and empty the garden soil to the side. Repeat the process until you have achieved the required level.

Post-Hole Diggers

Article-hole diggers, that are offered at numerous big equipment shops, can be used for the identical objective as augers, but that is certainly where similarity finishes because these are handbook resources utilized in fence building. This device appearance like two skinny shovels became a member of together with a flange where shovel heads meet the manages.

Post-Hole Augers

Post-hole augers may reduce the effort you’ll must use up on digging the slots because they are mechanized equipment. Until you have considerable time, these energy tools are almost essential if you’re installing a lengthy fence. Post-hole augers can be rented from the nearby lease store.

But do not imagine a post-hole auger as being a sterling silver bullet or perhaps a certain-fireplace means to fix digging openings for fence posts. You will find at least two potential problems associated with by using these “giant corkscrews”.

How Deep Do Fence Articles Must be in the Ground?

There exists a formula that you can use to determine how deep your fence posts need to be in the ground. The typical guideline you should utilize is you want the fence post to get 1/3 of the general duration in the ground. This means that if you are using a 12-feet fence post, you will need to place the post 4-feet to the soil.

There could be specific building codes inside your neighborhood that you will need to adhere to, and frost lines are vital that you verify too. Looking at with your nearby authorities and utilities company is the best supply for this particular info. You will additionally must take into account gravel that you may be using to fill in the hole, in order that means you have to put 6-inches for the degree. Constantly add 6-inches to take into account gravel when digging the hole irrespective of size.

Are Post Hole Augers Interchangeable?

Post hole augers, which are also known as automatic diggers, are interchangeable. There are two kinds of auto post hole diggers that are electric and fuel. Automated diggers quite often include either a 4, 8 and 6 or 12-in . blades that are interchangeable. The blades being interchangeable lets you use the proper dimension blade for the task you must do.

As opposed to being forced to buy numerous post hole augers for various jobs, you just get one and use the interchangeable cutting blades. The4 and 6, and 8-inch cutting blades are perfect for basic and weed removal and also the fertilization of shrubs. Additionally you are able to use these blades for growing seedlings and lights, and plants and flowers.

How Deep Can a Fence Post Digger Go?

A one-particular person auto fence post digger may go around four-feet to five-toes strong without concerns. That’s often why people utilize them to look fence post holes that are 4×4. If you are looking at guide fence post diggers, they could only go up to four-ft deep, although a lot of won’t even go that far. The problem with handbook diggers is they have a very hard time obtaining through the tougher clay you discover serious in the ground.

With the guide fence post digger, you will be able to go into the floor about ¾ of how big the manage. The bigger the deal with is on the fence post digger, the further it will be possible to go into the floor. If you wish to go 10-ft or maybe more into the floor, an excavator might be the best choice as opposed to taking a look at any automatic fence post diggers

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