The bear bile industry

Bears in Asia are captured for their bile, which is extracted using cruel, painful procedures and sold as traditional medicine. These captive bears suffer in filthy and cramped conditions, often in cages no bigger than phone booths. But the bear bile industry is completely unnecessary – plentiful and inexpensive synthetic and herbal alternatives to bear bile are readily available.

The bear bile industry causes intense, unjustified suffering to bears across Asia – and you help us put a stop to it


We passionately believe that animals matter. And we know we’re not alone. WSPA works with a network of individuals, organisations and communities that want to stop animal suffering. We have a long road ahead of us, but we’re serious about ending animal cruelty.

From putting a stop to the abuse of bears in Romania, preventing the cruel mass killing of dogs, helping animals affected by disasters and stopping the suffering of animals farmed for food – with your support WSPA can continue to help stop this cruelty.

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